A Reading in the Letter of Designation


First: Congratulation to the Jordanian People

1- Because His Majesty  has selected Dr. Omar Al Razzaz, a new Prime Minister

2- Because His Majesty is proud to be a Jordanian Citizen

3- Because His Majesty called the Jordanians for a genuine partnership through His Directives that a solution must be based on dialogue and internal

4- Because His Majesty defined what the country is suffering from and called us all to seek solutions

5- Because His Majesty asked for corrupts and those who fail to achieve to be held accountable

6- Because His Majesty, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and for our Public Security has presented a wonderful model in dealing with citizens

7- Because His Majesty ordered to work on financial, economic, political, social and administrative reforms in parallel

8- Because His Majesty is aware of the harsh living conditions of all citizens particularly the aspirations of youth

9- Because His Majesty protected the civilized and national way of expression by Jordanians in their legitimate protests without hurting the national economy.

Two:  Dialogue Methodology

1- The government should immediately initiate a comprehensive national dialogue in parallel and with the same importance of each ministry for the service of citizens

2- Dialogue should be multi-lateral and comprehensive of all executive, legislative and judiciary authorities in addition to media, unions, associations, youth organizations and civil society institutions as well as academic entities. Dialogue should be presented as a roundtable and not bilateral or media dialogue.

3- Dialogue should be managed through a taskforce in the required subject by a Minister specialized in the same discussed subject in the spirit of partnership to reach agreeable recommendations.

Three: Dialogue Themes

1- Dialogue should include all subjects raised by His Majesty in the Letter of Designation particularly:

• E-Government

• Renewable Energy

• Traffic and Public Transport

• Digital Learning

• High Cost of Living

• Health

• Administrative Reforms

• Social Solidarity

• Review of the Tax Matrix and Reform it in a Balanced and Comprehensive Method

• Creating Real Job Opportunities and Increase Wages

Four: Roundtable Objectives:

Dialogue roundtable objectives should focus on:

1- Increasing growth in Gross Domestic Product by increasing profitability of productive sector, consequently increasing tax base and increasing collected taxes regardless of any increase on taxes.

2- Achieve sustainable development and create job opportunities in private sector and individuals’ incomes

3- Implement real partnership between the executive authority and economic and civil society and not to manage this partnership by the executive authority

4- Achieve social justice in practice and not as an expression only

5- Issue Integrity Compact in the form of a law so that it would be compulsory and a legal system to fight corruption and punish corrupt

6- Launch a national project to transform to a knowledge –based society that makes knowledge and transform it into a wealth in order to achieve self-sufficiency and to be independent from loans and aid.

Fifth: The Initiative is in the Hand of the Executive Authority

1- His Majesty commended the peaceful protests and didn't order a halt to them since he is confident of the patriotism and goodwill of citizens.

2- When the Executive Authority  takes the practical procedures based on the directives of His Majesty in a very transparent and practical way that achieves tranquility and satisfaction by demonstrators described by His Majesty as "Loyal Citizens" then demonstrators will take the national and positive decision to stop their protests and be involved in the constructive dialogue to achieve what is good for the country and what serves its interests

3- Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum is honored to host all dialogue roundtables and to present the required logistic support.

CC: HE the Prime Minister, Dr. Omar Al Razzaz